WHY WE EXIST: To meet an otherwise unmet need for local, relationship-driven tutoring fueled by personality, academic excellence, and youthful energy. To provide flexibility, compassion, and humor in an otherwise rigid, outdated, and humorless industry. To create life opportunities for students through academic mentorship.

WHERE WE EXIST: Our tutors have taught all over the world, but BrainStorm is a locally-grown, locally-based company, dedicated to serving Bergen County and the surrounding areas with a network of academic mentors who've experienced the same school system.

WHOM WE SERVE: BrainStorm serves students of every age, in a huge range of subjects. We also serve the communities we work in: we're from here, and we're here to give back.

OUR CORE GOAL: Enhance the student's self-concept and self-confidence by building LIFE SKILLS such as self-discipline, enthusiasm for self-improvement, optimism, altruism, collaboration, and organization through academic and arts-related training.


Focused on mentoring the whole person.
Innovative; committed to teaching the material to 37 students in 37 different ways. We intimately tailor our instruction style—and even our chosen instructor—entirely to your child’s schedule, personality, and academic caliber.
Joyful, humorous, vibrant, engaging; refreshingly exuberant and unconventional.

We teach every K-12 academic subject. We coach students through the content and strategies of over 15 standardized tests (including those for grad school admission). We run a Spanish Immersion pre-school and consult with college hopefuls on their applications. We love serving students with learning disabilities or behavioral disorders, and have recently launched a Gifted&Talented program! With options for both private tutoring in your home and small group/class instruction at our Learning & Arts Center in Franklin Lakes, we are big enough to meet diverse needs…but small enough to truly know and enthusiastically serve every client.

Finally, BrainStorm, unlike many of its competitors, is NOT “more school.” We pride ourselves on being unconventional, innovative, highly relational, and fun. We empower people to CONQUER their challenges with poise and confidence.  If you live in or near Bergen County, NJ and seek world-class academic mentorship for your children, BrainStorm is your source.
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