About Us

BrainStorm Tutoring, LLC is a diverse and highly-skilled network of young professionals who use motivation and mentorship to inspire personal and academic excellence in students of all ages, for all subjects. The network was officially launched under the banner “BrainStorm Tutoring LLC” way back in 2006 and has been in operation ever since, with absolutely stellar results.

BrainStorm is the brainchild of Scott Doty and Ashley DiPetrillo, local graduates (Ramsey HS ’99 and Ramapo HS ’98, respectively) who saw a need in their community and have worked diligently to meet it ever since. The need is for personalized, tailor-made tutoring built around the student’s schedule and lifestyle–an alternative to the nationalized, impersonal tutoring giants that require yet more class time from the overworked Bergen County student. The need is for dynamic, local tutors who understand what it is to go to “that” high school or deal with “this” local issue. Most importantly, the need is for academic mentors who not only teach students crucial academic and life skills, but inspire them to the kind of exuberant learning that will last well beyond test time.

For over seven years, Scott and Ashley have been meeting those needs with Brainstorm. Brainstorm doesn’t dictate the student’s schedule; it works around it. Brainstorm doesn’t impose academics onto a student’s lifestyle; it incorporates them, building bridges of competence and confidence between student, academics, and larger life goals–because, after all, what comes after the test is the rest of your life.

Seven years ago, Ashley and Scott saw a problem, and BrainStorm is their lasting solution.

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