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Published September 18th, 2014

3 reasons your preschooler should learn Spanish…NOW.

"Cerebritos" Pre-K Spanish Immersion Program

“Cerebritos” Pre-K Spanish Immersion Program

Advancements in technology have made the world an increasingly small place to live, learn, and work. A global perspective as well as a fluency in a second language such as Spanish is becoming more and more important–arguably a necessity for the upcoming generation.

Unfortunately, most parents realize this after the prime window for language acquisition has long been closed.

Here are the top 3 reasons for your preschool-aged student to start learning Spanish…today!

1) The best time to acquire a second language is before the age of 6, while the plasticity of the brain is at its peak.

2) Many experts are calling Spanish the most useful language to know in the United States in the 21st Century, as Spanish is projected to have overtaken English as the #1 language spoken in the United States by the year 2050.

3) Learning a second language can also help improve brain plasticity and capacity for learning (This is also why language lessons are often recommended for senior citizens.)

Learn more about our Spanish immersion program for preschoolers. New semester begins February 1st…enrollment is open!

Published December 11th, 2015

BLAST Tutor Schedule

Published December 11th, 2015

International Schools Current Info Packet

Published November 24th, 2015

How To STORM The New SAT: Part II

Perhaps the answer is NOT to storm the new SAT…perhaps the key to your college admissions success lies in taking the ACT instead.

But how do you know?
sat vs act showdown freeze frameToday on our sister site, ScottDoty.TV, BrainStorm Founder & CEO Scott Doty is weighing the pros and cons of the new SAT vs the ACT. Check out his video now!

For biweekly tips on parenting successful students, homeschooling, raising bilingual children, tackling the new SAT and beyond, visit ScottDoty.TV and subscribe.

Published November 13th, 2015

THE POWER OF CONTEXT: Why choose a Learning Center?

learning center

Jean Terman Photography

Since our inception in 2006, BrainStorm has been committed to creating life opportunities for our students by any means possible—that means constantly innovating new ways to teach that cater to every student’s style of learning.

In 2011, we took what is possibly our biggest stride toward this goal to date: we opened our first brick-and-mortar learning center in Franklin Lakes, NJ.

Opening a learning center means we can provide a whole new suite of offerings to our client families who prefer to work with a tutor outside of the home, of a broad scope of reasons.

A learning center makes it possible for students to escape from the myriad distractions of their own household—videogames, pets, siblings, the clatter of the kitchen, etc.

Additionally, a learning center gives students access to instruction for all of their academic needs under one roof, eliminating the cost and time commitment associated with hiring several different private tutors.

A learning center also provides a collaborative environment from students who work better with peers. It gives students a platform to help one another and essentially “learn by teaching.”

Lastly, and possibly one of the most compelling aspects of a learning center, a learning center employs “the power of context.” It gives students a “third space” for learning outside of home or school—a space associated with focus and achievement.

To become a member of BrainStorm Learning & Arts Center, call 201.84.STORM x2, or click here for more info. 

Published October 28th, 2015

How To STORM The New SAT: Part I

Prepare for the new SAT

Maybe your high school student came home from school in a panic one day. Perhaps you read about it one of our newsletters. Or maybe you saw the interview with Scott Doty on 

The bottom line is: You know the new SAT is coming. What is your college hopeful doing to get prepared?

The new SAT doesn’t have to be this dark, ominous storm cloud standing between your high school student and his dream college. As with any unknown, knowledge is power.

Your first (and arguably best) defense against the new SAT is to get informed. Examine the opponent in order to formulate your best plan of attack, as any good strategist will tell you (or at least anyone who’s played a lot of “Risk.”)

To this end, on Wednesday, October 28th from 7-9pm, BrainStorm is hosting a free information session on the topic of The New SAT. All are welcome, but space is limited and registration is required.

To register for The New SAT Info Night, fill out this form or email, being sure to include the number of people in your party and your best contact phone number.

Published October 16th, 2015

What to do about the new SAT: An expert weighs in

BrainStorm Founder & CEO Scott Doty

BrainStorm Founder & CEO Scott Doty

There’s a lot to consider at the start of every new school year: What will I wear for homecoming? Should I transfer into Honors Chemistry? Who will I sit with in the lunchroom?!

This school year, there’s one question in particular that’s ringing in the halls of high schools nationwide: What to do about the new SAT?

“The New SAT” has become a sinister entity, dreaded by both college hopefuls and concerned parents throughout the country.

BrainStorm founder & CEO Scott Doty recently unmasked “The New SAT Monster,” dishing out his expert advice to

“I’m actually quite optimistic about the new SAT,” commented Doty. “I agree philosophically with many of the changes, and think in the long run it will benefit the education landscape.”

Read Scott’s full article on the new SAT

Published September 25th, 2015


quarterly exam stt header cropped

Take your final exams by STORM!
Price: $35 per class – Registration Required. Call 201.84.STORM x2


Algebra I CP/CPE

Saturday, 6/6



Monday, 6/8



Algebra I Honors/AP

Thursday, 6/4



Algebra II CP/CPE

Saturday, 6/6



Algebra II Honors/AP

Thursday, 6/4



Geometry CP/CPE

Sunday, 6/7

3:00 – 4:30pm


Geometry Honors/AP

Sunday, 6/7




Sunday, 6/7




World Civilizations

Sunday, 6/7

3:30 – 5pm


Monday, 6/8



US History I

Saturday, 6/6

11am – 12:30pm


Sunday, 6/7



US History II

Saturday 6/6

9:30 – 11am


Sunday 6/7


Call 201.84.STORM x2 to register!


Published June 1st, 2015

The Growing Importance of High School Internships

Contribution by Katie Weigl

hello my name is internInternships are a relatively new part of the academic experience. I remember being in college and my parents being perplexed and also mildly horrified that not only was I expected to work for free, but also that is was virtually a prerequisite if I hoped to ever get hired post-graduation. But to the modern-day student, an internship or two (or three) is as much a part of the academic experience as studying for tests and writing papers.

However, internships are not just for the collegiate set anymore. Rather, internships represent a new frontier for high school students.

A 2014 study conducted by Millennial Branding and revealed that 90% of companies surveyed agreed that completing high school internships could give students a competitive edge when seeking a college internship or full-time time job, and could influence acceptance into a better college.

As it turns out, this trend may be fueled by the ambition demonstrated by today’s high school students. Millennial Branding and report that high school students actually exhibit a higher rate of entrepreneurial aspirations than college students do.

Employers are happy to respond to this new demand for high school internships. This same study revealed that 50% of employers currently accept internship applications from high school students or plan to launch an internship program within the year.

Are you in agreement with this trend toward high school internships? Do you consider it an invaluable learning experience, or an unwelcome distraction from classroom academics?

Published December 16th, 2014

The Tenets of Productivity: Part IV

Contribution by Scott Doty

Time to give thanks for this, our fourth and final installment of The Tenets of Productivity! We hope you’ve enjoyed this series, and are rockin’ and rollin’ through your to-do list like never before because of it.

If there’s something you’d like to see on the BrainStorm Blog, email…we’re taking your requests! _

youve got mailAnd now for Part IV…

Conquer Correspondence. Of all the most common 21st-century distractions, surely correspondence is king. Among the thorny bushes of social media, texting, email, phone calls, & meetings, it is tremendously difficult to create a flowering productivity. Productive people hack away at the bushes: they prune some based on clear usage guidelines (“I will only check my email at 11am and then again at 4pm”), they build skills relating to the bushes (like faster typing and more diplomatically succinct ways to end conversations), and some bushes they uproot entirely (“just say no” to FB).

You HAVE Time; What You Don’t Have Is Priorities. Want to get something done? Ask a busy person. Why is this aphorism true? Because productive people have learned the alchemy that is turning usable hours into productive, enriching opportunities to excel. Part of this alchemy is eschewing the disempowering (and inaccurate) excuse “I don’t have time” and espousing instead the correct philosophy: “I have 168 hours in my week, just like Oprah, and the Pope, and everyone else. Any project I want to get done will get done, if I decide to prioritize it.” Productive people MAKE time for their priorities, and allow the small stuff to fit in around those priorities.

Honor the P’s. Whether you’re trying to study physics or prepare the masterpiece of your culinary career, consider the effect of these 3 P’s on your ability to focus and be effective:

  • Place. Is your space clutter-free and away from distractions like TV? Is it well lit, and not so warm that you feel lethargic?
  • Posture. If the world’s best physics student or cook were to undertake this exact project right now, how would he or she sit/stand? Would his/her outfit or body language reflect the high level of attention about to be given to the effort?
  • Phonics. What sounds make you most productive? Is it silence, or is it binaural beats, or is it the sound of a bustling café around you? If you love music, perhaps you should be listening to lyric-free music while you tackle this high-focus project? (Miles Davis and Mozart have repeatedly been shown to be ideal for this) You can always sing along to Mumford & Sons or Bruno Mars while you wash the dishes—a low-focus activity.


I am worthy of success

I am not afraid of exceptional success

Failure is part of success, so I welcome it

Attitude and effort are up to me

I am already victorious!

Published November 19th, 2014
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