Foreign Language

It’s not just pancakes that are international anymore. We live in a global world. And beyond the basic edification and gratification of learning another language, there’s an increasing practical motivation. (Imagine the world is a boisterous, money-making dinner party. Do you really want to be the quiet one? Quel dommage!)

Fortunately, BrainStorm has assembled a team of foreign language tutors who thoroughly understand the process, and benefits, of language acquisition. Like their students, the tutors have undergone the experience of consciously learning and studying the language in question (as opposed to absorbing it from birth). They have insight into the particular difficulties that English speakers encounter when learning French, say, or Spanish. That means not only can they sympathize and teach more effectively, they’ll be able to share any and all of the tricks they themselves used to become proficient in a foreign language.

In addition to helping students with their language coursework, we have had success with more informal instruction, designing programs to help adults and children acquaint and/or reacquaint themselves with a foreign language.

We offer tutoring and test prep for students of the following foreign languages:

Modern Languages

  • French (Including prep for AP French Language and SAT French subject test)
  • German (Including prep for AP German and SAT German subject test)
  • Italian (Including prep for AP Italian Language and Culture and SAT Italian subject test)
  • Spanish (Including prep for AP Spanish and SAT Spanish subject test)
  • Latin

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