The study of history is often stereotyped as the memorization of facts and dateseveryone’s favorite Friday night activity. At its core, though, the study of history is about explanation. We study history in order to find out why certain events happened and how these events are related to each other. We study history to better understand the past andgasp!its connection to us, to our future.

If only it were that simple. At BrainStorm, we understand why the gap between history and student might be widening. Modern students were born into an age of personalized online social media “history” and rapid-fire screen-to-screen informationthere’s rarely a history book, and nary a quill, in sight. But history, the story of human activity on this planet, the record of collective efforts, creative and destructive, across the globe, makes for a much bigger, much broader timeline than even Facebook can handle (sorry, Zuckerberg). And our tutors will strive to make the vital connection that brings history to lifenot just between past and present, but past and person.

Whether tutoring SAT US History subject test, the AP World History exam, or any period in history, our tutors help their students create the sort of narratives and relationship maps that will enable them to not only remember the specifics more clearly and devise compelling essays utilizing those facts, but to actually feel the compelling relevance of those facts to their present lives.

Our history tutors are available to work with students on the following courses and tests:

  • SAT US History Subject Test
  • SAT World History Subject Test
  • AP US History
  • AP US Government
  • AP European History
  • AP World History

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