Learning & Arts Center

It’s a gym…for your BRAIN. A flat rate gives students unlimited access to small-group instruction in all K-12 academic subjects and standardized tests.

2014-2015 School Year Tutoring Hours:
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 3pm-8pm
Sunday 11am-3pm

Call 201.84.STORM x2 for pricing!

About The Center:

Located at:
808 High Mountain Road
Franklin Lakes NJ 07417

Semester II: 2/1/15 – 6/17/15
The Center will be closed for C2A on the following days:
• Easter Week: 4/2/15 – 4/5/15

Membership at the Learning & Arts Center is the ideal option for the “multi-subject student”. When your student needs help in multiple subjects, why incur the expense of three different tutors and three separate weekly tutoring sessions when your child can have unlimited access to academic assistance in Math, Science and all Humanities all under one roof–for one flat rate?

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1. Versatility: Multiple subjects under one roof for one flat price
2. Schedule Flexibility: Show up when you want, no reservation needed, and stay as long as you want
3. Bang-for-buck: More hours than privates for less $$!! {for the price of one private tutoring hour with a BrainStorm tutor, you get a full WEEK– 19 hours– of access to the center}
4. Collaborative space/power of context: Some students simply work better with peers; others accomplish more when they’re in a focused, studious atmosphere
5. Escape from home: eliminate a myriad of distractions at home (TV, texting, video games, siblings, pets, etc), and decrease relational friction between parents & student (BrainStorm is the “bad cop” so that parents can be the “good cop”!).

Call 201.84.STORM x2 to join! Memberships are limited.

Only 19 memberships remain for the 2014-2015 school year!