All the world’s a stage. – Shakespeare

If our bread and butter is academics, our grape jelly is arts and culture. And that’s why BrainStorm bellowingly, and yet mellifluously, encourages students to immerse themselves in the joy of the performing arts-not only for a well-rounded academic resume (that doesn’t hurt). Engaging regularly in the studies of music, theater, visual arts, or dance allows us to tap into another part of our brains, enriching our cognitive experience and enabling creative response to everyday situations (or, say, a complex SAT math problem).

There’s a slight chance we’re also aiming for a record deal, but mostly BrainStorm just believes in the performing arts as a means of maintaining an active, creative mind, and facilitating healthy brain function to help students reach their full potential. And (whether we look like it or not) several of us are actually accomplished artists!

Join forces with a BrainStorm mentor to stimulate your love of the arts and to hone your craft!

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