Why BrainStorm?

In an increasingly competitive and interconnected world, education is king:

  • It provides credibility for the job seeker;
  • It creates valuable, versatile skill sets;
  • It engenders self-concept and self-confidence in the learner;
  • It provides “Lifetime Opportunities”—for growth, for enrichment, for a lifetime of achievement and enjoyment.

Education, in short, opens doors of tremendous opportunity. Bergen County parents deeply value education—they want THE BEST for their kids—and simultaneously recognize that the area’s schools, while relatively terrific, fall short on many fronts. As a result, local parents are increasingly seeking a high-quality form of supplemental education. So why hire BrainStorm?

We are balanced and versatile. With over 70 world-class academic mentors teaching everything from school subjects to standardized tests to arts & foreign languages, and with options for both private tutoring in your home and small group/class instruction at our Learning & Arts Center in Franklin Lakes, we are big enough to meet diverse needs…but small enough to truly know and enthusiastically serve every client.

We WILL get you there. We are not committed to a certain curriculum; we are committed only to your child’s success. Our main calling card is resolute focus on results empowered by supremely creative teaching techniques. Our professional academic mentors are BrainStorm Certified for intellect, character, personality, teaching competence, communication skills, and emotional intelligence. Simply put, they are the best of the best—and our students reap both short-term and long-term benefits as a result of the relationship.

We are focused on Bergen County, NJ. BrainStorm is not an impersonal, nationalized brand that churns people through the mill. Founders Scott & Ashley Doty were born & raised in Bergen County and retain this vision: become Bergen County’s dominant force for outrageous academic achievement and holistic results. Our local relevance & expertise make all the difference.

We are THE local source for academic customization. Others talk the talk, but BrainStorm is leading “The Hi! Revolution”: we intimately tailor our instruction style—and even our chosen instructor—entirely to your child’s schedule, personality, and academic caliber. This is supported by our two full-time “professional matchmakers” and by an elite workforce that can drive to you 7 days a week.

Finally, BrainStorm, unlike many of its competitors, is NOT “more school.” We pride ourselves on being unconventional, innovative, highly relational, and fun. We empower people to CONQUER their challenges with poise and confidence.  If you live in or near Bergen County, NJ and seek world-class academic mentorship for your children, BrainStorm is your source.

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