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Dear potential academic mentor: Join the quickly growing mobile network of passionate professionals known as BrainStorm Tutoring & Arts! We are ALWAYS looking for new tutors/coaches in & around Bergen County (full-or part-time) for the following:

  • All K-8 school subjects– especially language arts, foreign languages, & maths
  • All high school subjects– especially maths & sciences, plus some humanities/foreign languages
  • Standardized tests– from NJ ASK (3rd to 7th grade) to COOP/SSAT/ISEE/Bergen Academies Entrance Exam (8th grade) to SAT/SAT2/AP/ACT (high school) to GRE/GMAT/LSAT/MCAT/DAT/ASVAB (post-grad)
  • College Application Coaching– for undergrad institutions and for the health professions (dental & medical school, PA/PT/nursing programs, etc)
  • Specialized Academic Coaching (SAC)– helping students with specialized learning needs {must be credentialed}
  • Life Coaching {must be ICF certified}

In addition to the perks of a fulfilling new career in holistic education, you gain entry to a vivacious and eclectic community of brilliant professionals who like to PLAY HARD as much as we like to work hard!

now hiring collage

So PLEASE don’t hesitate to contact us if interested. We offer DOUBLE the pay of Sylvan or Huntington (starting at $28/hr for college grads) and our tutors make their own schedules (work is available 7 days/week). Full-time staff also enjoy salaries and a strong benefits program. In addition to these perks, BrainStorm offers our tutors a plethora of valuable resources like our Professional Development Seminar Series, CPR certification workshops, regular subject-specific academic trainings, our internal newsletter chock full of resources, our monthly SocialStorm, opportunities to publish and to teach abroad… and more!

Maximum Flexibility + Excellent Pay +
Opportunities to Impact People’s Lives
& Join a Thriving Community =

A Tremendously Rewarding Job!!

Master’s degree and/or Teacher Certification preferred, but not required. Please note that we WILL check your references and require you to fashion us with a formal background check. Also note that the hiring process is rigorous–fewer than 5% of applicants are accepted. This is how we remain the premier network of academic mentors in the Bergen County, NJ area.

If you are officially interested in working for BrainStorm, please send your CV using the form below. We will follow up to let you know if you qualify for an interview. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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