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College Planning with BrainStorm is the best investment you’ll ever make!

BrainStorm’s College Planning Experts Will:

Assess the student’s probability of admission at various colleges/grad schools.

Analyze goals and desires in order to recommend good school matches.

Create strategies around application timing to maximize success.

Coach the student through the college/grad school essay writing process.

Assist with college/grad school applications and interview prep.

Provide constant encouragement and support!

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Private College Consulting Packages

4-Hour Package

With this college planning package, families and/or students work with one of BrainStorm’s college admissions experts for a total of four hours. Additional hours can be purchased individually as needed.

Use the four hours to focus on any area of the admissions process that suits your needs – college planning at BrainStorm is completely customized! Get help with discovery (finding the right schools), strategy (deciding when to apply and where), essays, applications, interview prep, and more!

College consulting is done in-person and remotely, and in whatever format you prefer.

Remote consulting includes phone calls, texts, emails, research, and essay editing.

Available as Freshman/Sophomore Package or Junior/Senior Package.

Also available for students with learning difficulties that need specialized services.

Premier Package

The Premier Package is the complete solution in the quest for the coveted acceptance letter from your number one reach school. With this package, families and/or students have unlimited hours with one of BrainStorm’s college admissions experts.

Students receive guidance through all phases of the admissions process, from discovery to applications for up to twelve schools. Like all tutoring at BrainStorm, the Premier Package comes with our Perfect Match guarantee.

The Premier Package does not include specialized career counseling, customized financial advising, or above-and-beyond research and application efforts for scholarships. All of these services can be purchased for an additional fee.

Available as Freshman/Sophomore Package or Junior/Senior Package.

Also available for students with learning difficulties that need specialized services.

The Wonderful Dilemma

If you begin with us by July 1 following junior year and follow through on our suggestions, you will have the ideal problem of choosing between…

Admission to one of your top few schools
Admission with a significant merit scholarship to one of your safeties

Given both of these options, which will you choose?

Our goal is to create this wonderful dilemma for all of our college planning clients!

BrainStorm are true professionals. I give them my highest recommendation…the connection they make with the kids is like nothing I’ve experienced before.

Robin MRamsey, NJ

BrainStorm Exclusive

• All College Planning clients have access to Scott Doty’s exclusive webinars, seminars, & videos.

• Premier Package College Planning clients enjoy huge discounts on other BrainStorm services.

College admissions planning at BrainStorm Tutoring Franklin Lakes NJ

Our Team

All BrainStorm College Advisors & Coaches have at least 5 years with BrainStorm, and/or have degrees in relevant fields, and/or hold college advising certifications at the state or national level. Most have Master’s degrees and years of experience in the field.

Additionally, each one is BrainStorm Certified for professionalism, competence, & emotional intelligence AND is trained personally by BrainStorm’s founder & Chief Brainiac, Scott Doty.

Meet some of our college coaches:


EDUCATION: BA in Psychology, MA in Mental Health Counseling, Marist College

AREAS OF EXPERTISE: College Coaching and Special Needs Tutoring

FUN FACT: I studied abroad in London and have traveled to 24 countries!


EDUCATION: BA, Indiana University; College Counseling Certification, UCLA

AREA OF EXPERTISE: College coaching

FUN FACTS: I ran the NYC Marathon and almost had to drop out but I made it across the finish line, and I have the medal to prove it.


EDUCATION: Monmouth University MA in English and BA in English and Communication

AREA OF EXPERTISE: English, Resume Building, Test Prep (Math, Verbal)

FUN FACT: I wrote my master's thesis on Harry Potter!


EXPERIENCE: Admissions Officer, University of Chicago

AREA OF EXPERTISE: College coaching

FUN FACTS: I worked at Disney World for a year!