Resources: 10 Everyday Ways to Explore Science While Having Fun
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Resources: 10 Everyday Ways to Explore Science While Having Fun

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“Clear summer nights are ideal for quick astronomy lessons with your kids.”

by Erin Dower

Simple science lessons are all around us during the summer. Prevent summer brain drain in your kids with these mini science experiments and activities for children of all ages. Expand their knowledge of meteorology, zoology, botany, chemistry, and more without any special equipment or instructions. Check out even more backyard science experiments, plus our favorite science and math toys and mobile apps.

Study Shadows
Have some fun in the sun with the physics of shadows. Ask your young child to look at her shadow at different times of day to show her the connection between the sun’s position in the sky and the length of her shadow. Use chalk on a sidewalk or a stick in the sand to trace her shadow so she can see how it shrinks and grows with time. Have your older child measure and chart her shadow and explain when it is shortest and why…

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