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Resources: 10 Tips for High School Freshmen

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“Experts advise ninth graders to get involved in clubs, build relationships with teachers and prioritize their mental health”

by Sarah Wood

Entering high school can be nerve-racking, especially given that movie and television portrayals of those years have historically included students being shoved into lockers and divided by social cliques.

“A lot of things you hear about high schools are just urban legends,” says Jeff R. Sherrill, lead for community engagement at the National Association of Secondary School Principals’ department of student leadership.

Students will face both social and academic changes as they move into their final four years of compulsory schooling, including increased accountability for their academics and time management. Here are 10 tips from experts to ease the adjustment from middle school to high school.

1. Learn the School
Prior to the start of classes, many high schools offer an orientation to rising ninth graders. Take the time to explore the building – noting the location of your classrooms and locker, as well as the gym, lunchroom and school nurse and counselor offices, experts say. If you have your locker assignment, practice opening it…

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