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Resources: The College Board and ACT can Save Testing

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“The bottom line is that the tests have to happen.”

By David Benjamin Gruenbaum

In June 2019, I wrote a column for Inside Higher Ed stating that the College Board (the company that owns the SAT) and ACT needed to move away from using high school administrators and counselors to run their tests. At the time, I was focusing on the issue of test security, which is still a problem.

Now, it’s a question of survival. Families are getting fed up with all of the test cancellations. Very few high schools across the country have been willing to run the tests so far this summer. Will many high schools even be willing to run the SAT and ACT in the fall? And what if coronavirus doesn’t disappear? Can the College Board and ACT survive another year or two of constant test cancellations?

Colleges are tired of waiting as well. Many of them have begrudgingly moved to making the SAT/ACT optional for candidates applying for fall 2021…

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