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Resources: Colleges with No Application Fee

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“Some schools waive the application fees for other reasons besides finances…”

By Dawn Allcot

The average cost for a college application is $44, according to a study of 936 schools by U.S. News & World Report. However, fees can go as high as $105 — and that’s not just for Ivy League institutions, the University of California, San Diego tops the list with that high application cost. Among the 62 schools with the highest application fees, the average cost was $78. The most common application fee, U.S. News reports, is $50.

If you’re applying to multiple schools because you want to weigh your options — and your overall college costs — application fees can add up.

Save Money with Need-Based College Fee Waivers
If you’re looking to save money on college application fees, you can see if you qualify for fee waivers for one or more of your schools. Students in low-income families who qualify for the College Board’s SAT testing fee waiver can qualify for up to four college application fee waivers. Typically, students who qualified for the need-based National School Lunch Program, receive public assistance or live in federally subsidized public housing qualify…

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