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Resources: Improved Education Through Improved Technology

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We live in an age of unprecedented access to information. This means educators have to compete with a wide range of media for the real estate inside their students’ minds. With so much out there for young people to be exposed to and consume, teachers and administrators must be sure that the material they present will be just as appealing and memorable to students as anything they can see on TV or the Internet.

Changing models of education recognize that simply lecturing to students or having them read does not always result in retention. For these reasons and others, technology is becoming a much larger component of the modern classroom environment.

Today’s student is just as likely to bring a laptop or tablet into study hall as he or she is to have a book. An increasing number of classrooms are no longer centered on a whiteboard, but an interactive smartboard connected online that’s capable of multimedia presentations.

The opportunities for collaboration also are much greater than before, as video conferencing connects classes and teachers across campuses or continents. Take a look at the accompanying guide for more information about how advanced tech is creating new ways for people of all ages to learn.

Improved Education Through Improved Technology from McCann Systems

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