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Learning Disabilities and College


Can having a learning disability give you an edge when applying to certain colleges?

Believe it or not, colleges consider a learning disability as a form of diversity. This can provide advantages for LD students during the application process as a growing number of colleges are now looking at an applicant’s GPA and test scores in a different light.

Many schools have integrated special programs that provide LD students with specific classes and accommodations that were not available in the past, and Brainstorm’s SAC tutors are familiar with the application procedures needed to ensure students the best opportunity for placement.

Tutors can provide academic and personal motivational support through a series of sessions that address such topics as: choosing appropriate schools, goal and career considerations, filling out college applications, and constructing a strong personal essay.

Every college is required to identify and reduce physical and attitudinal barriers for students with disabilities, but some schools have gone above and beyond in creating programs that provide developmental education with supported challenges designed to address student’s academic and social concerns. SAC tutors are well acquainted with colleges and universities that embrace the LD community of students and share their commitment in bringing out a student’s true potential.

The time to prepare for college is now! Contact Brainstorm for more information about our college admissions specialized services for students with learning disabilities and difficulties.

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