Should You Take The SAT or ACT? Learn Which Test Is Best For You
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Resources: How to Decide Whether to Take the SAT or ACT

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“…despite similar aims, the tests vary in structure and timing as well as the content matter and scoring.”

By Josh Moody

When it comes to the ACT vs the SAT, both exams are widely accepted by U.S. colleges, which often prompts students to ask: Which test should I take?

The answer to that question lies in understanding the differences between the two tests.

Both college admissions exams remain popular even as the coronavirus pandemic has prompted many colleges to go test-optional and temporarily deemphasize these exams in admissions considerations. In the class of 2020, nearly 2.2 million test-takers completed the SAT at least once while about 1.7 million students took the ACT. It is unclear how many students took both, but experts say it is common for test-takers to do so.

“More and more students in the last five to 10 years are taking both,” says Joe Korfmacher, a former counselor at a New York high school and current director of college counseling at a New York office of Collegewise, an admissions consulting company.

The idea behind both exams is similar: to demonstrate college readiness…

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