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Resources: Students with special needs face virtual learning challenges

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“Managing virtual learning is difficult but managing virtual learning for two kids who have special needs is much harder…”

By Matt Villano

Virtual learning facilitator is a full-time job these days for Alicia Burgstahler.

The Philadelphia woman, 39, is mother to two children, a 16-year-old son named Jaydon Scott and a 12-year-old daughter named Oliviah Scott. Both kids are sheltering in place due to the coronavirus pandemic. Both kids are in public school full time, online. Both kids have special needs that necessitate special accommodations for education — Jaydon is severely autistic and has Tourette syndrome, while Oliviah struggles with mild autism.

In a typical year, Burgstahler’s children would receive additional support at their respective schools — her nonverbal son in the form of an aide who is with him all day, her daughter with a counselor as needed.

But because this year is unfolding over technology at home, Burgstahler is playing all the roles herself…

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