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Test Day Tips


Would you say you are a morning person or a night owl? The distinction between the two can alter your approach to getting ready for the morning of a test. We are going to give you distinct tips for each different kind of person. Morning birds, you’re probably seeing this first, so let’s start with you.  


Set your alarm fifteen minutes earlier than you normally do. You are already inclined to wake up early so the extra fifteen minutes will not feel like a big difference physically, but mentally it will give you a great piece of mind. Get out of bed quickly and start moving right away. Whether it be taking your dog for a walk, doing a quick yoga flow or just stretching next to your bed. A little bit of exercise will send positive feelings to your brain and set the right tone for the day. Lastly, it is important to eat smart. Prepare or pick up a breakfast that is light, healthy, and satisfying. A smoothie hits all three of these points. Sneak in a bit of spinach to a berry and nut butter medley for brain food with a protein punch. 


Now for the night owl. For you this is all about using the night before to prepare! Lay out your clothes. Pick something professional, light and comfortable. You want to be dressed for the part of a test conqueror, cool in temperature, and able to sit with good posture. Pack your bag. Make sure you have the proper equipment, identification, and a snack. Don’t worry too much about your notes. At this point, feel confident that you are well prepared and know what you know.  Lastly, set your alarm. Yes, an alarm! Give yourself plenty of time in the morning in the inevitable event that you hit snooze!


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