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Resources: The Perplexing Math of College Admissions

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“Education is a powerful force for positive change. I believe this deeply and wholeheartedly. And I see the opportunity gap each day in my work as an admissions officer.”

By Adrienne Amador Oddi

I studied math. That pattern is pleasing to me. Years of outreach and engagement with future college students distilled to a few numbers: Those who inquire. Those who apply. Those who join us.

If only college admissions were that simple.

Recently, I was speaking to high school juniors and their families who live in Georgia. They could have been students from anywhere and everywhere. Inevitably, as these students begin their college search processes, they want to know the science to getting into college.

We’ve taught them the simple mathematics of college admissions offices: Good grades plus good involvement plus good scores equals getting in…

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