The Ultimate End-of-Year Study Guide: Free Student Resources
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Resources: The Ultimate End-of-Year Study Guide

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“How do we make sure that the student is going to be studying effectively? The first step is reminding the student why he’s doing this…”

By Bergen Mama

As a parent, you’ve helped your kids navigate some seriously unprecedented changes around school this last year with Zoom classes, virtual lessons, online testing, and lack of real-life interaction. If you and your offspring are still alive and speaking to each other, congratulations, you did it. But with the last months of the school year upon us, we’ve still got to get through final exams, end-of-year marking periods, and, for some students, intense ACTs and SATs. And you know what all of the above requires? Studying, studying and more studying. So to help your kids end this school year on a high note (or at least higher than it started), we’ve enlisted our go-to productivity expert Scott Doty, founder and CEO of academic coaching firm BrainStorm Tutoring to share his top study tips for kids of any age.

And, yes, that means any age. “When your kid is under 10 years old, we know he or she is not really doing the same kind of studying [as older students], Doty explains. “But these are all best practices…

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