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“College admissions committees read through thousands of applications. It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle if you don’t showcase what colleges are looking for.”

By Bea Casteñeda

Colleges are always looking for the top students to fill a limited number of spots each term. You know you have what it takes, but how can you prove it to the admissions committee?

To increase your chances of acceptance, we’ll tell you all about what colleges look for in candidates with nine hot tips to knock your application out of the park!

1. Impress Colleges With Your High School GPA and Class Rank
Like it or not, getting into college is mostly a numbers game. In the eyes of the admissions committee, your high school grades predict your future academic performance. It’s likely that your transcript (a document listing your courses, grades, and honors) will be carefully reviewed.

Consistently high grades are important because they demonstrate your persistence to excel academically. But don’t panic; selection committees won’t expect perfection. You may not have straight As, but if you took challenging classes and did well, that may be just as impressive to the admissions officer — a B+ in calculus will say more than an A in algebra 1.

Along with grades, some colleges look at your class rank because…

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