BrainStorm Tutoring Blog: Helping Students After 10 Years
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From the CEO

Celebrating 10 Years by helping 10 Students

BrainStorm Tutoring Franklin Lakes NJ team photo

TEN YEARS!!! Wow. We’ve come a long way.

In 2004, when I was working as a full-time self-employed tutor, I had a vision for a new kind of education company, one that broke with the norms of the industry. Specifically, I wanted to create a team of erudite, fun, emotionally intelligent super-mentors who were deeply committed to serving others. I wanted to create highly customized experiences for each and every student – experiences that motivated and equipped each student to cultivate self-confidence and achieve outrageous academic results.

It started with me. One guy, coaxing brilliance out of one student at a time.

I went to business school to learn how to make the vision a reality. Then I persuaded my girlfriend, a former Miss Wyckoff and a full-time civil engineer, to quit her job and launch the company with me. And so it was that in 2006, BrainStorm Tutoring, LLC, was born, along with a tagline we still use: “Don’t just take the test. STORM it!” There wasn’t any fanfare or a ribbon-cutting ceremony, but we were pretty excited.

We hired our first tutor, and then our second. We started giving classes at community schools and churches. Suddenly we were a team of 20 people (mostly part-timers), and then 25, and then 30. I was hustling~ 100+ hours/week year-round. My girlfriend & I got engaged and married. We opened a physical center, the BrainStorm Learning & Arts Center in Franklin Lakes, in 2011. I did my first gig at an international school, the International School of Kenya, around that time. Then, before I knew it…

It was THIS FALL and we were celebrating ten years. What?!

The company is now 50+ strong, with more than 15 people on our full-time faculty teaching everything from K-College school subjects to applications best practices to a panoply of standardized tests. We have helped thousands of students experience the power of customized, enthusiastic academic mentorship, which creates “Dominance on Test Day, Confidence for Life.”

We have partnerships with a great number of local schools, thriving relationships with wonderful families, and a new center opening in central NJ this winter. And I personally have taught on five continents and recently launched a free educational resource for parents, ScottDoty.TV.

As I say, we’ve come a long way. And I firmly believe that the best is yet to come.

NOW: To celebrate our first ten years and launch the next delightfully nerdy season in BrainStorm’s history, we are proud to announce our new scholarship initiative, TEN: True Enthusiasm Never fails. The TEN scholarship will give unlimited tutoring for the remainder of the school year to ten students who demonstrate both financial need and indomitable enthusiasm for learning. We are accepting applications now! Please spread the word!!We want to create incredible life opportunities for anyone we mentor, including (to the best of our ability) those who cannot afford our services.

Thank you, Brainiac community~ you have helped BrainStorm to become northern New Jersey’s premier network of high-octane academic mentors. My wife and I are looking forward to more years of helping brilliant young people to STORM THE TEST!!!

Warm Regards,
Scott Doty

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