Let's Just Say It. College Is Expensive: Article From BrainStorm Tutoring
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Let’s just say it. College is EXPENSIVE.


Let’s just say it. College is EXPENSIVE.

And increasingly so: fees for private American universities rose 180% between 1995-2015 and those for public universities rose 296%!! (source: USNews.com, July 29, 2015)

This is not to say, of course, that college is not a worthy investment for your child. College grads consistently encounter better job prospects and myriad other life opportunities.

But parents are increasingly stressed out by the enormous fees attached to the experience. They call me and essentially scream, “HELLLPP!!!”

In today’s episode, I take you through 6 clever ways to provide your child with a fabulous college experience for a FRACTION of the typical cost. I hope this gives you some excellent food for thought as you navigate the college planning process.

If you’re interested in hiring me or my team to help you through your college planning and the admissions process, just reach out & say so! We would be thrilled to be part of your journey.

In the meantime, enjoy this video & please share with a friend or two!!

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