A New School Year Message From BrainStorm CEO Scott Doty
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From the CEO

Happy New School Year

BrainStorm Tutoring CEO Scott Doty - welcome back to school photo

Hello, Brainiac families!

I hope and trust you’ve all had terrific, sunny summers and are refreshed as we head into a new school year.

BrainStorm has had a great summer, too: we were voted Best in Bergen for the FIFTH straight year and have restocked the squad with a new batch of killer academic mentors. We are excited for a new year of STORMING THE TEST!!

Some quick orders of business. First, we continue to grow primarily by word-of-mouth. If you have had a strong experience with us so far, please will you recommend us to a friend and share a testimonial email with your school guidance counselor? If your referral hires us, we’d be pleased to pop $50 of credit into your BrainStorm account as a thank you.

Second, as a customer-centric company, we listened carefully to your feedback this past school year for how we can improve our service to you. In particular, we have introduced Admissions Academy (for undergrad & post-grad), commenced high-value, FREE monthly webinars, & launched our BrainStorm Ambassadors program (if you are interested in participating, please let us know!).

We have also continued to develop our capabilities as leaders in skill-based, relationship-oriented emotional wellness and personal performance. Yes, we DO want to coach our students to “Dominance on Test Day…”, but we also want to coach them to “Confidence for Life.” As you continue to interact with the BrainStorm leadership team, feel free to inquire about our efforts to deliver a holistic coaching experience that is second to none.

I’ll add that success this school year will depend heavily on getting off on the right foot. Please let us know how we can help!!
In the meantime, enjoy the final days of August and have a wonderful, fun Labor Day weekend.


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