My Experience Taking The ACT Test With Scott Doty, BrainStorm Founder
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From the CEO

Scott Doty TV: My Experience Taking the Real-Deal ACT


So, I took the real-deal ACT in December. And…

I bombed!!

Just kidding. I did fine. But I did not, to my everlasting shame, get a perfect score. Out of a total of 215 questions, I got a total of 6 wrong– 5 of which were all on the same section because… get this… I ran out of time. Ask me why, ask me why!

Because I didn’t utilize my own techniques.

That was just me being a dumb-ass who thought he was above an important rule: respect the test. Lesson learned.

In today’s episode, I briefly share my best practices for game day and the breakdown of my results. For those parents with kids who will be taking standardized tests in the near future (especially the ACT), I think this will be a helpful morsel of input for you.

Enjoy today’s episode & please forward to a few friends!!

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