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From the CEO

Summer!!! SCOTT’S TOP 10 LIST.

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Happy summer, everyone!

Whew~ we did it! Another successful school year in the books. This year, my company (BrainStorm Tutoring & Arts) worked with more than 700 students in everything from college applications to K-College school subjects to standardized tests. We are SO PROUD of how much each of these brilliant individuals has grown and what each of them has achieved. It’s been a tremendous school year. And now: the sweet release of summer… Ahhh….

But wait! You don’t want your kids to lose all of that great momentum they built up this past school year. So, in an effort to add a little balance to the revelry of summer, I present to you here a quick Top 10 list of ideas for ways for your kids to keep those brain waves movin’ during the hottest months of the year. Enjoy!

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