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BrainStorm Tutoring News 1-13-21

BrainStorm Tutoring company of the year

Mahwah NJ COC Awards BrainStorm Company of the Year

The Mahwah Chamber of Commerce has named BrainStorm Tutoring their Company of the Year for 2020!

Here’s the write-up:

BrainStorm has a 15-year history of contributing significantly to the community. It has long run a BOGO campaign: Buy One package of tutoring/college coaching & we Give One to a family in need. We have donated free tutoring services to students across 5 continents.

During the 2020 pandemic crisis, BrainStorm noticed that a significant issue had arisen in the education community: students around NJ and beyond were forced to stay home to do school, but thousands of them did not have the necessary technology (laptops & WiFi) to participate. As a result, the already significant opportunity gap between affluent & impoverished communities increased almost overnight.

To address this issue, Scott Doty of BrainStorm ran an impassioned campaign over the course of several weeks to raise awareness about the issue. He launched a gofundme campaign in which he pledged to match all donations for a fundraiser for laptops for the students of Paterson. In addition to raising/donating over $10,000, Doty also procured more than 30 laptops to be donated by Microsoft. In all, Doty and BrainStorm’s efforts were enough to provide over 100 computers to their partner in Paterson, Oasis, which has since disseminated the technology across the city to deserving families.

In a time of uncertainty and educational inequity, BrainStorm went above & beyond to contribute to the long-term wellness of local citizens.

From Oasis: Thank you for all your support over these last years and ESPECIALLY over these last months. We wouldn’t be able to deliver virtual instruction without your donation; literally. Thank you for coming to our rescue and for sharing my vision. Blessed to have you as a partner in education and social responsibility.

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