Special Needs Tutoring: BrainStorm NJ Tutoring News 10-9-19
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BrainStorm Tutoring News 10-9-19

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IEP and 504 Plans for Special Needs Students

Children with special learning needs, including ADHD, often require a 504 Plan or an IEP Plan. These plans are intended to help students but they can be confusing. Click the link below to check out attitudemag.com’s step-by-step guide about both of these plans.

About 504 and IEP Plans

Specialized Academic Coaching at BrainStorm

Specialized Academic Coaching (SAC) is an educational solution designed for students with learning difficulties.

By partnering with the student and incorporating BrainStorm’s core values of customization, enthusiasm, and relationship, the specialized academic coach will empower your child with the strategies and skills necessary to conquer his or her unique challenges.

BrainStorm’s qualified academic mentors will help students and parents to understand IEP Plans, 504 Plans, and more.

For more information about SAC, please call 201-739-3823.

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