Tutoring News Bergen County NJ: BrainStorm Tutoring News 12-13-17
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BrainStorm Tutoring News 12-13-17


Holiday Schedule

Details regarding BrainStorm Learning Center’s closures this holiday season are as follows:


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From the CEO

A short note about BrainStorm, shared by founder and CEO Scott Doty:

“BrainStorm creates outrageous life opportunities. We use holistic mentoring and customized performance coaching to inspire academic achievement and personal growth in our students. We launched in 2006 in northern NJ and now have 76 people on staff. We are creating the revolution we want to see in the world of education.”

From our students

Someone was happy with his test scores! This student from Wayne, NJ, had fun telling his academic mentor about his scores:
Text message from student with improved test scores after taking SIM test prep

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