Tutoring News Bergen County NJ: BrainStorm Tutoring News 12-20-17
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BrainStorm Tutoring News 12-20-17

happy holidays from BrainStorm Tutoring Bergen County NJ

At the center

BrainStorm Learning Center will be closed on several dates this holiday season:

From a psychologist

Specialized Academic Coaching is BrainStorm’s innovative private tutoring program for students with learning disabilities. Thorough evaluation is vital to the process of equipping special needs students with skills to overcome the challenges they face.

In the piece below, Waldwick, NJ psychologist Jessica Poggioli urges parents to have children assessed:

“I recently started coaching a child who I suspected might have a learning disability in math and who should be assessed by the school. When I mentioned this to the parents (intelligent and well-informed people), their look of devastation immediately told me they thought a learning disability was something much worse than it actually is.

A learning disability simply means that there is one area (reading, writing, math, oral language, or nonverbal abilities) that the brain isn’t able to do as well as it should given its overall aptitude. Many people have this misconception, and this is a problem. A little girl who always struggles with reading and always argues about doing her reading homework might actually have a reading disability. A little boy whose parents say, “Math just isn’t his thing” might also have a disability.

A thorough and careful assessment is essential. It will help determine if your child has a learning disability. It will also help evaluate what your child’s strengths are, so they may be used to help bolster and compensate for areas where learning is a challenge.

Don’t be afraid to get your child evaluated. Assessment is the first step toward creating an educational strategy that works for your child and making school a success.”

From the CEO

BrainStorm’s founder and CEO, Scott Doty, shares more valuable information for parents:

“This little labor of love will take you only 20 minutes to read but will equip you with some potent tools for breakthrough in 2018. Please enjoy as my gift to you!!”

Download “Max Your Child’s Potential: 7 Killer Strategies” Now

From our students

An excited tutoring student from Saddle River, NJ shared his college acceptance news:
Text message from parent of SIM test prep student in Saddle River NJ

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