Tutoring News Bergen County NJ: BrainStorm Tutoring News 12-27-17
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BrainStorm Tutoring News 12-27-17

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At the Center

Holiday recess continues at BrainStorm Learning Center:

From a family

BrainStorm’s Director of Specialized Academic Coaching for special needs students, Carly Patterson, shared the following feedback she received from the family of one of our students:

“BrainStorm is a critical component of the educational support model for our children. I hesitate to refer to BrainStorm as a tutoring service, because they are so much more. For us, they have been part of our team for 2 years; a team that includes us as parents, teachers and school administration.

Our BrainStorm academic coach does more than tutor in Math, English, and World History (although she does an awesome job in those areas). She provides guidance on how to be most successful in school and beyond, whether that’s organizational skills, communication with teachers/others and so much more. She participates in meetings with teachers and communicates with them to ensure good coordination and collaboration. She is there at any time, even outside regularly scheduled sessions – whether that’s by email, text or phone.

Our goal is not to simply get our children “through” a test, a project or middle/high school. Rather, we want them to have life skills to succeed in college, a career and beyond. We know that the guidance, tips and tools our academic coach is providing will serve them for many years to come.

The support we receive from BrainStorm has provided significant benefits to us. For our children, they are receiving the guidance and additional support they need outside of school. Today’s educational/learning requirements can cause a level of stress and anxiety. Having BrainStorm as part of our team has significantly reduced that. My children know someone with tremendous experience and expertise is there along the way, right beside them on this journey. As parents, we feel the same way!

We often joke that our academic coach has become part of the family. She is our partner as we raise our children/students. She has a genuine interest in and commitment to our children, celebrating in their successes and encouraging them during challenges. She is always there for us. That sure feels like family!”

From our students

A parent from Mahwah, NJ, was delighted with her child’s improved test scores after taking SAT prep classes at BrainStorm:
Text message from parent of SAT test prep student in Mahwah NJ

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