Spanish Immersion Program For Kids: BrainStorm Tutoring News 3-20-19
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BrainStorm Tutoring News 3-20-19

Cerebritos Spanish learning experience for children

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The gift of bilingualism lasts a lifetime. So, why not give this invaluable gift to your children?

Our Cerebritos program for ages 3-8 is the perfect way to accomplish this: Cerebritos is all about instilling a command and love of the Spanish language in brains while they are at their most malleable.

Students of the Cerebritos program engage in a recommended 2-3 immersion experiences per week during which Spanish is used exclusively. That means no translation, no memorization—just seamless acquisition of a second language.

Check out more information about this one-of-a-kind Spanish learning experience here or call 201-84-STORM x1 today!

From a student

The parent of a student from Ridgewood, NJ, shared the good news of her son’s improved SAT scores:
BrainStorm Tutoring review improved SAT scores

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