BrainStorm Tutoring in Franklin Lakes, NJ: Tutoring News 6-15-2022
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BrainStorm Tutoring News 6-15-22

photo of Scott Doty and students

Conquer Camp

Conquer Camp is the most effective holistic test prep & college admissions coaching on the planet –
on your schedule, from the safety of your home.

Thousands of lucky students from all around the world have enjoyed the uniquely engaging teaching style of BrainStorm’s Chief Brain, Scott Doty, during this camp. Now it’s available from the safety & convenience of your own home!

Through a new online platform, Conquer Camp will equip students with the knowledge, strategies, and high-performance mindset of a conqueror.

The first online camp begins June 22nd.

Conquer Camp will also be held in person this year. The July camps will focus on the ACT test (to prep for the July 16 ACT) and August camps will concentrate on the SAT (in advance of the Aug 22 SAT).

You can find more information at

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