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Brainstorm’s Corona Response

BrainStorm Tutoring in Bergen County - stock photo

Updated 5/13/20

BrainStorm is rolling out a variety of new programs and offerings designed to provide assistance during this difficult time.

Please check back, as this post is updated often.

SAT and ACT status

Find out more about the status of the SAT and ACT tests using these links:
SAT updates from the College Board →
ACT updates from →


The Laptop Challenge & The Chromebook Challenge

BrainStorm Tutoring in Franklin Lakes and Sportika’s BrainStorm Tutoring in Manalapan Twp are spearheading local initiatives to provide local students with laptops so that they can continue school while physical buildings are shuttered.

We have partnered with Oasis in Paterson and STEAMpark in Keansburg to help deliver this tech to the families who need it.

Please partner with us & contribute! We’ll take physical laptops or cash donations. Whatever you donate, BrainStorm will match!

Visit the links below to learn more and contribute today if you can.

Franklin Lakes – Paterson – Bergen County:

Manalapan Twp – Keansburg – Monmouth County:


Parent Support Forums

BrainStorm Tutoring invites you to get the coaching & support you need right now~ for FREE, every week in May.

We are rolling out an initiative to provide timely support to parents as they navigate homeschooling/parenting in the time of covid. Are you struggling to help your child stay focused, on task, and motivated? How about your child’s mental/emotional wellness? Are you providing the strategic support and conducive environment needed for your child to THRIVE right now?

BrainStorm is giving you free access to our directors & client consultants each week at a time based on your ZIP CODE.

Based on where you live, you will be able to join these Parent Support Forums to be heard, encouraged, and coached through whatever educational/wellness challenges you & your child may be facing right now.


Free Virtual Tutoring for Children of Health Care Workers

Stock photo - BrainStorm Tutoring Franklin Lakes NJ

BrainStorm is offering FREE VIRTUAL TUTORING to the children of health care workers during the month of April as a show of gratitude for their brave service.

If you work in a hospital or clinic, or are a first responder, you qualify.
We will help everyone we can!

If we are short on staff to cover demand, we will give preference to workers who specifically are interacting with COVID patients or managing those workers. We will also prioritize those working in the NYC area, especially in our native northern NJ.

This is our effort to support the medical community as they tackle this massive social challenge. Please join us in finding ways to show your gratitude… & you can start by forwarding this email far & wide!

To take part in this generous offer, please email Lisa Giampapa at


Free Online Parent Forum:
Student Anxiety & COVID-19’s Impact

Parents, please join us online next Monday evening or Tuesday morning for a special seminar!

Our SAC Director and creator of the program, Kathy Acosta, LCSW, will be doing a presentation to talk about how COVID-19 is impacting students and their families and how to manage anxiety during this difficult time.

Kathy has been in the field of education for over 10 years and looks forward to sharing her knowledge and experience with you.

Each forum is limited to 10 people maximum. Parents can choose which day/time works best for them:

Monday 3/30 at 7:00pm
Tuesday 3/31 at 9:00am

**Due to popular demand, we’re presenting this seminar again on Monday, April 20th at 7:00pm**

For more information or to register, please email Alex at

A Note from BrainStorm CEO Scott Doty

Hello, BrainStorm families!

I pray that you’re all staying calm & safe, taking good precautions but not getting swept up in the hysteria.

I want you to know what we are doing at BrainStorm to ensure that we accomplish the dual goals of protecting our students and continuing our collective efforts towards achievement.

We continue executing in-person private tutoring/coaching sessions as usual but are increasingly converting to virtual sessions. I encourage you to discuss your desires with your academic mentor & with BrainStorm leadership to ensure your child(ren) takes precautions without losing academic momentum. This upcoming time at home is actually an opportunity to really, finally catch up (or get ahead!) on school subjects. If you’re doing skill-building, test prep, or college admissions work, now is also an ideal time to make headway.

I have been doing virtual sessions for years and have found them to be an invaluable tool for keeping session rhythm while providing convenience and safety. I encourage you to explore this idea with your academic mentor.

If you have any Qs for BrainStorm leadership on the above, please reach out to Alex W:

We have canceled this weekend’s test simulations and postponed Sunday’s SAT class. We will update you further next week on those two offerings.

For BLAST, we have decided to transition to a virtual experience for our students until we are OK to revert to the in-person model. We are canceling in-person BLAST for this Sunday, Monday, & Tuesday and using that time to prepare the virtual experience. We will credit the financial value of these 3 lost days to your membership in April. On Tuesday, we will check in again with an update explaining the virtual plan. There are actually significant benefits to the online model, so we’re excited to share all the details with you next week!

If you have any Qs for BrainStorm leadership on the above, please reach out to Lisa G:

Again, I acknowledge the strangeness/scariness of this moment and encourage you all simply to be prudent. Let’s care for our health while continuing to care for the mental wellness & academic achievement of our kids/students. Let’s please be communicative & support each other during this time.

God bless you & please notify us if you have questions or concerns.

~ Scott Doty, BrainStorm CEO