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3 Reasons Why You Want to Apply Early Action to College

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Application season is upon us, my Brainiac friends! And with it: a host of misgivings, misinformation, and misfires on the part of well-intentioned parents.

Let’s put some of those concerns and misunderstandings to rest! In today’s post, I’m sharing the key guidelines and benefits of a highly underrated application option: Early Action.

Early Action (EA) is an application opportunity tied to a deadline. Specifically, schools that offer it (and not all of them do) allow applicants to send in their content 2-3 months before the typical, much larger Regular Decision pool does so.

For example, Fordham University offers an Early Action option with a deadline of November 1 and a Regular Decision option with a deadline of January 1.

Now, here’s what you need to know:

  • EA is a NON-binding application process. This means that if you are accepted to the school, you are not required to accept & attend. You may therefore apply EA to as many schools as you like.
  • EA results typically arrive within 6 weeks of the deadline (meaning: you find out, generally speaking, in mid-December).
  • The greatest probability of earning merit scholarship money comes from an EA application.

Note the unwritten benefit mentioned above: by hearing back from your EA schools by mid-December (and assuming optimistically that you get into at least one of them!), you gain the immense gift of receiving your first acceptance letter before Christmas (compare this to Regular Decision, through which you win acceptance by Easter or so).

The psychic relief/joy of actually, officially getting accepted to college is hard to overstate. It truly makes a world of emotional difference to the quality of the student’s senior year experience.

Early Action, in other words, gives you early access to acceptance, greater chances of earning scholarship dollars, and does not commit you to the school. Some colleges even reward your early application with a higher-than-typical acceptance rate!

This is why BrainStorm college admission coaches consistently advise our client families to apply EA to any school on their list that offers it. We encourage you to do the same!

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