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3 Tips for Standardized Tests

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As our world becomes more and more complex, the people who contribute to its success are expected to specialize with greater specificity. With career specialization comes standardized testing. Whether it is getting into college with the SAT and ACT, getting into medical school with the MCAT, or becoming a licensed engineer with the Principles and Practice of Engineering Examination, here are 3 tips and tricks that anyone can apply to any standardized test!

1. Practice like you play

This is a tale as old as time. In order to do the best you can on any standardized test, you must practice taking the test in a similar manner that you expect the test to be taken. What does this mean? If your test is done with a pencil and paper, practice with a pencil and paper and not on a computer or tablet. Sit in a quiet environment that closely reflects the test day environment. You should even study at the same time of day that the test is administered! The more closely you simulate the test day environment, the more comfortable you will feel when it is time to STORM the test!

2. Correctness, then pace

When starting out, students feel as if they need to compare their pace to the pace which the test requires. NONSENSE! First, you should worry about answering questions correctly. Take as much time as you need the first few times around to prove to yourself that you can answer most questions correctly. Only then should your focus shift to the pace with which you answer questions.

3. Confidence, not cockiness

ALWAYS respect the test you are taking. By the time you take the real thing, you should feel like it’s another day in the office; nothing new to see here! However, you should always respect the test and its contents. This is a sure-fire way to ensure that you are answering questions effectively while not oversimplifying the material.

There you have it; 3 tips for any standardized test!

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