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How To Be More Creative

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Just like any other skill, creativity can be learned and developed.

Though a creative mindset has long been perceived to be an innate ability, research shows that it is actually linked to habits and behaviors. Sure, some people seem to be more naturally creative than others, however, that doesn’t mean that they were born with it. Instead, habits formed from an early age steer the mind into a creative thinking process and behavior pattern that last a lifetime.

Creativity isn’t a necessary skill only for artists; it is just as essential in science and math as it is in painting. A creative mind thinks around corners to find solutions to any type of problem, even a physics equation.

The ability to think creatively is essential to success in nearly everything we do. Creative people are more flexible, better able to adapt to changing conditions, excellent at solving problems, and adept at taking advantage of opportunities others miss.

Though creativity is a core life skill, the present education system provides little opportunity to develop it. Focus on right answers tends to stifle creative thinking. Instead of nurturing this empowering quality, ordinary classroom teaching methods can do just the opposite.

Fortunately, making a few simple change or additions to your daily routine can strengthen the creativity that’s key to succeed in school and in life. Here are three:

  • Take the path less traveled – Seek out new experiences, even something as seemingly trivial as taking an alternate route to school or work.
  • Make mistakes – Failing is part of the learning process and an opportunity to innovate solutions, so seek compelling risks and take them.
  • Be a fool – Share your thoughts and projects with people and welcome critique as an opportunity to hone your craft. Make creativity the shared experience it is meant to be.

Practicing techniques to develop creativity is an empowering experience. By consciously cultivating a creative mindset, you can pull yourself out of mental ruts and get your creative juices flowing on your own – especially when school just isn’t doing it for you.

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