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J.D.’s Take: Teamwork


The most important test of your child’s teenage life will be the SAT or ACT. His or her score will create a collegiate opportunity that will impact future employment. The merits of standardized testing are well understood; however, here is a rhetorical question that will serve as good food for thought for you to mentally snack on.

Why are educators more concerned with a student’s ability to “solve for x” than how he or she interacts with peers in a group setting? In other words, should our education system focus on implementing collaborative teamwork in addition to lecturing that is manufactured strictly for the “next” test.

Aristotle once said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Even though this adage has been around for well over two-thousand years, our education system seems to either ardently ignore or misunderstand the Greek philosopher’s simple, albeit poignant, words of wisdom.

As your child advances through his or her respective school system, there is a good chance that he or she will stray away from team-oriented exercises. Your child will likely progress from assembling puzzles with others in pre-k to taking notes at an isolated desk in high school. Is it just me or does that seem backward?

Educators prefer to stick with traditional teaching modalities because of their offered convenience. It is much easier for a teacher to recycle the same lesson plan than for him or her to create a new, dynamic lesson plan that involves collaboration and synergy.

Unless your child wishes to become a reclusive writer or an introverted artist of some sort, teamwork will inevitably be a crucial part of any job. To prepare your child for “the real world”, his or her traditional education should be supplemented with cooperative activities. Team sports, group tutoring, and other extracurricular activities are great ways to give your child a taste of what is to come.

Unfortunately, our education system is imperfect. The onus is on us to fill the voids that remain.

So who’s J.D.? Our resident BrainStorm blogger – bringing education focused articles, current events and resources that are valuable for any parent – all with a BrainStorm twist.

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