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Let’s Talk About How Awesome Your Child Is

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I’m not exaggerating. I believe your child is awesome. And talented. And, perhaps, feeling overwhelmed at the moment with challenges in & out of school. Or struggling with anxiety or distraction.

In today’s NYC-area performance culture, students need competent, fun, compassionate mentors and coaches more than ever before. That’s where we come in.

But first, allow me to share a few more beliefs I hold regarding your child.

Your child has a unique genius
‒& needs mentoring and coaching to cultivate it.

Your child is more than a number
‒& needs to know it.

Non-academic factors sometimes impact your child’s academic performance
‒& mental wellness is just as important as performing well under pressure.

A Bergen County native, I founded BrainStorm 15 years ago to provide the holistic, highly personalized educational coaching experience I wish I had experienced in high school. At BrainStorm, we believe that emotional support, life skills, and academic performance go hand-in-hand. That’s why our academic mentors go through what is easily the most rigorous and comprehensive hiring & training regimen of any educational entity in the area: your child’s success is simply too important to allow anything less.

Why have we been voted Best in Bergen for 5 straight years? Because our coaches go above & beyond the typical call of duty for a tutor. We support social-emotional learning and growth mindset, we equip students with time management & study skills, we motivate and inspire through strong relationship… oh yeah, and we also guide you to that A in Physics or that knock-out score on the SAT or ACT. Everyone on staff, from our world-class college admissions consultants to our director of Spanish immersion for youth, bring incredible enthusiasm and dedication to their craft. We even have an entire team (called “Specialized Academic Coaching”) devoted to empowering and advocating for students with special learning needs!!

If you have a child between the ages of 5 & 25, I want to encourage you to partner with us in the effort to discover and cultivate his or her unique genius. We truly want your child to experience Dominance on Test Day & Confidence for Life.

Remember: Don’t just take the test. STORM IT!!!

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