Why Should You Take the SAT or ACT When Colleges are Test-Optional?
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Why Should You Still Take the SAT or ACT?

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To take or not to take the SAT/ACT, that is the question!

With so many schools going test optional, why should you even bother with all that stressful and time-consuming test prep? Great question! Well, think of it like another extra-curricular activity.

Imagine, for a second, you were on a college admissions board. Two almost identical applications come across your desk, and you are really struggling to differentiate which is better. If one of these applications includes the SAT or ACT while the other does not, there is the tie breaker you wished for!

Taking the SAT or ACT, while it is optional, shows colleges that you are committed to your academic career and that you take initiative with non-required items. College is all about commitment and initiative. College admissions committees look for these traits in potential students because these students tend to succeed at higher rates compared to students without these traits.

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College separates the students who can find the time and the students who can find the excuses. By taking the SAT or ACT when it is not required, you are showing colleges that you are the former. What is the only thing better than taking an optional SAT or ACT? Scoring high on an optional SAT or ACT! The best way to reach your greatest potential is to practice, practice, and practice!

At Brainstorm, we work to not only teach students about the academic factors that affect test scores, but also to help desensitize students to the non-academic ones at well. How do we do this? Two words. Simulation tests! Brainstorm simulates worst-case-scenario environments for students in order to prepare them for anything on test day.

With the combination of addressing both academic and non-academic factors, students can be in the best position to not just take the test, but STORM it!

Did You Know?

BrainStorm’s offers SAT/ACT classes leading up to each sitting. Prepare and be ready on test day!

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