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YouTube Can be Educational

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By a member of Team BrainStorm

We have all fallen into the trap of watching a YouTube viral video while trying to finish off that last bit of work. It claims to be only thirty seconds, but then that thirty seconds quickly turns into thirty minutes— and a whole lot of procrastination and lost focus. Before you know it, you’re tired and that last calculus problem is just not going to get solved on time.

According to the latest statistics, the average person spends 40 minutes a day on YouTube. Those 40 minutes a day are probably spent watching the same viral videos that serve themselves to you as a rather pesky homework distraction. Surprisingly, however, those 40 minutes could be spent in a much better manner— and while still on YouTube (although it’s probably best after your homework has already been done!).

If you have yet to discover YouTube EDU, you’ve been missing out on quite a lot. With categories ranging from Engineering to Lifelong Learning, YouTube EDU has a vast amount of learning opportunities to offer.

Next time you want to take a study break or reward yourself for getting through all those mind-wrenching science problems, mosey on over to these great YouTube videos:

  • Did you know that cheese, table, and boat are among the earliest surviving English words? This super-educational multi-part series explores the history and evolution of the English language.
  • I’m not a scientifically inclined person, and will never pretend to be. Regardless of that, however, I will never turn down a video that uses the phrase “The Screaming Jelly Baby.”
  • Have you ever heard of something called “Impossible Photography?” If not, allow Erik Johansson to show it to you.

Now, if you really, really need your fix in terms of a viral-worthy YouTube video, YouTube EDU can offer that, too. Check out The Axis of Awesome performing a medley of famous pop songs—the type that get stuck in your head for hours.

Have fun singing along, once your homework has been done!

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