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College is Expensive


It’s no secret that college is expensive. Cost is a major consideration for students, and their families, when evaluating where to spend their pivotal undergraduate years. Luckily, there are a few ways to navigate the costly higher education system to make it less imposing on the wallet. Let’s break down some options.

The first is to attend Community College for the first two years. Community Colleges allow students a bit of breathing room. It allows you to complete your core classes and make the major decision of deciding on a major at a fraction of the price of a four year University. A local Community College also gives students the flexibility to live at home for the first two years, which can save on what can be pricey housing costs. For an added bonus, check to see if the college has any affiliations at the University level. 

The second option is to apply early action. When you apply early you are making a bold statement to that University, emphasizing that you really want to go to that school. If you get accepted, you are in at the time when schools have the most money to spend on scholarships. They want to offer them to students who want to go to their school. You will be showing them that that is you and you therefore are more likely to receive money. Did we mention how nice the second semester of your senior year will be if you already know where you are going to school? It will be REALLY NICE! You can sit back and enjoy planning for the years ahead, ahead of time. 

The third route is to go international. Yes, we said it. And yes, we know these last few years have made that seem like a far reaching goal. But as the world slowly opens back up- this could be a great option to explore. Universities in other countries are typically less expensive than the ones in the United States. By going abroad you get to experience a new culture, expand your network and save cash, while earning your degree. 

These points are all to say that there are options available to you to make college less of a financial burden. If you want to dive deeper into any of these topics, give us a call today. Making a small investment towards a college advisor at Brainstorm can turn into big savings for the future.