Because one-size-fits-all classrooms and impersonal curriculum is so 20th Century

BrainStorm was founded to challenge the status quo in education. What did we see that was lacking in American school education and tutoring chains?

True Customization

Genuine Enthusiasm

Inspiring Relationships

We decided these things were really important. So important, in fact, that we built the company around these three ideals.

BrainStorm small group tutoring happy students

How We Do It:

Innovations & Exclusives

Everything we do reflects our core values of customization, enthusiasm, and relationship.


To experience mental gains, students need mentors: accomplished, deeply caring professionals worthy of emulating. Our top-flight academic mentors are experts at motivating and engaging their students through meaningful relationship.



Unlike many schools and tutoring chains, we are not “C2C”- Committed to a pre-ordained Curriculum. Instead, we are “C2A”- Committed to the Achievement of the individual, on his or her own terms.

Short-Term Results, Long-Term Skills

While coaching students to short-term numerical success, we instill such deeply valuable life skills as goal setting, time management, poise under pressure, focus stamina, organizational skills, and growth mindset. We want our impact to reverberate for years to come.

BrainStorm Tutoring Manifesto image - Academic mentors in Bergen County New Jersey

Why Do it?

Because it feels GREAT to be part of other people’s success.

It’s that simple. We love investing our heart and soul into our students and then watching them flourish.

BrainStorm’s mission is to create incredible life opportunities for our students and their families. We want our students to understand how uniquely brilliant they are and to experience…

Dominance On Test Day. Confidence For Life.

Everything we do reflects our effort to achieve this mission.